The Indian pharmaceutical industry continues to thrive as a global leader in quality and innovation. With the help of a robust regulatory and surveillance framework, we are ensuring that all pharmaceutical products manufactured and exported from India meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy.



Lives Touched with Advanced Pharma Solutions



WHO-GMP Mfg Facilities Worldwide



EuGMP Mfg Facilities



Formulations Offered

Cariesco assesses & validates every aspect of manufacturing, such as quality standards, formulation techniques, financial stability and delivery schedules before selecting its manufacturers.

All our manufacturing partners are WHO-GMP certified and follow these basic principles:

  • Clean and hygienic manufacturing area
  • Controlled environmental conditions
  • Zero cross-contamination of food or drug product
  • Clearly defined, validated, consistent, compliant & controlled processes
  • Trained operators to carry out & document procedures
  • Future-ready approach with EuGMP on the horizon

Quality Control

Stringent methods are undertaken to ensure all our products match the highest possible quality and consistency. For this, we ensure these 5 factors:

  • Right Manufacturing Facilities
  • Right Equipment & Processes
  • Right Quality Control
  • Right People
  • Right Suppliers & Vendors